ARC -Color and Finishes

GFRC can be produced in a vast array of colors or textures. While architects and end users often choose traditional, lighter colors (that resemble limestone or match traditional grey precast), the latest technology in pigments allow darker or more vibrant colors to be achieved.

When choosing a more robust color, consideration must always be made for natural fading caused by UV exposure, the tendency for efflorescence to be more visible (if or when it appears, and is not washed away by rain), and magnification of slight colour differences between components that may occur because of natural variations in the base raw materials. All of these conditions are virtually undetectable when using lighter colours.

A range of finished textures is also possible by post production sandblasting and other finishing techniques. The addition of fine surface aggregates, in certain applications, can also provide an interesting, aesthetically pleasing final appearance.

ARC will always produce samples for architect approval prior to the commencement of a project. A control sample is then used by ARC’s mix designers and production team to ensure tight quality control and near perfect adherence to the approved and desired color and finish.

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